BTS V seems to be upset with something some ARMY are doing.

On BTS international fan community BTS Weverse fans found a comment by V that triggered a discussion of what can and should be said in a fan community.

BTS Weverse is a place where BTS and fans can interact, the members themselves can comment on individual posts by ARMY.

Recently, it appears a couple of fans posted weird/unflattering photos of J-Hope which apparently annoyed V so much that he had to write about it. He wrote,

“Please protect ori Hyung (J-Hope). If any ARMY continues to upload unusual [weird] photos. I will stop replying to those posts.”

V’s post triggered a discussion. It appears that the members do keep a close look at the community despite their hectic schedule which triggers the discussion of what should be posted to the community and if fans need to be more careful in their interactions with BTS.

What do you guys personally think of this?