BTS V Reveals To Fans That He’s Suffering From Cholinergic Urticaria

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Fans are worried about BTS V health!

BTS V has recently opened up to fans; he revealed that he’s suffering from cholinergic urticarial

Fans found out when on July 14, V responded to a fan’s comment on BTS Weverse, he said,

“No, I have a cholinergic allergy. I’m itchy, itchy.”

Cholinergic urticarial is a type of hives that is caused when body temperature increases, it’s typically found in young adults and it manifests as small itchy red bumps and in severe cases can cause a stinging sensation and could also cause dizziness or difficulty breathing.

What causes Cholinergic urticarial to flare up is a rise in body temperature, which means that exercising, for example, can cause this, taking hot bath or shower may also cause it and it can also be caused by emotional stress.

The comment became a hot issue among Koreans trending at number one in many search portal sites

What do you think of this?

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  1. Don’t worry about too much.
    Just take care of your health.
    And please follow all the precaution for your good health.
    I U

  2. Nothing will happen to you V I am here with you
    Just take care of yourself and eat and drink cool things it will cool down your body

    Yours G

  3. Please take care of your health tae tae…please don’t get stress and follow all the precaution please please please stay healthy. Philippines army love you sooooo much ❤❤

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