BIGBANG T.O.P Heavily Criticized By K-Netizens For Posting A Selfie

K-Netizens are not happy that BIGBANG T.O.P returning to social media shortly after his military discharge!

BIGBANG T.O.P went through a drug scandal while he was serving the military. He admitted to smoking marijuana and was punished accordingly; however, K-Netizens are still not happy or impressed that he’s posting to social media after his discharge.

On July 15, BIGBANG T.O.P posted a selfie with the caption,

“Not for U, Just for my Eyes open.”

While international fans comments are mostly supportive, K-Netizens, on the other hand, were less than pleased to see his face. On various Korean news outlets articles the comments were rather unfavorable and critical; here are some of them,


“What a dummy, I feel like he has low intelligence.”


“cant tell if he has no clue or just doesn’t care anymore..”

“Wouldn’t be a druggie YG idol without being shameless.”

“stay quiet and reflect.”

“Is he a sociopath?”

and more.


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Not for U, Just for my Eyes open .

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With the recent YG scandals, K-netizens do no look favorably on any of their artists. It looks like T.O.P has a long way to go before he regains public trust and love.

What do you think of this?


36 thoughts on “BIGBANG T.O.P Heavily Criticized By K-Netizens For Posting A Selfie”

    • G dragon got in trouble for smoking marijuana but they aint saying shit about that!! Some even still defend Seungri after his whole scandal. But want to crucify this man for smoking marijuana!!! GTFOH

  1. Wow really like these guys have there careers in jepordy because of fellow a member give them a break . Idols are humans as well an. Just like everyone else not perfect. Just enjoy the music they. Make for fans. Judge yourself before u judge another. Welcome home.

  2. Not surprised at k-netizens anymore. The man said he was sorry for his actions and has stayed out of trouble since then. What more do you guys want from him?!
    He can’t even post a darn photo on ig without you all losing your minds and attacking him?!
    Some of you need to shut up and leave him alone!
    He’s been through enough crap & doesn’t need u all bringing him down like this!!!!
    But i am glad he’s back!!!!
    Missed him so much!!!!

    • I agree. I’m beginning to think Koreans must be unforgiving. When I first started following Kpop, I was envious of their culture, work ethic and family values. If KNetizens are an example of what they’re really like. I realize I was sold s bill of goods.

  3. To those shaming TOP. He just got back from serving his time. He did reflect on his actions HE EVEN admitted to it so I’m not sure why some of you are saying “retard, dummy, go reflect on yourself, crimina”l, and other harsh stuff. You all should reflect on yourselves instead.

    Yea he made a mistake and did a dumb thing BUT HE ALSO SERVED HIS TIME AND PUNISHMENT so stop acting high and mighty. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all. To those who support him, <3!!

  4. I would like to know the range on age of those who commented that, and who are they fans? What more does need to reflects. K-netz are the one with no intelligence. And of course he doesn’t get their standards, he is beyond and they don’t get it. SK doesn’t deserve them! They true artist not commercial products and as they can’t control them nor his fandom, they hate them.

  5. Wow! Low intelligence? That word coming from a knet is totally the word to describe them… Top doesn’t have to do anything to regain their trust because with KNETS mentality no matter what he will do they will not validate it unless it’s bad…

  6. Well that statement that knets do not favor any of their artist? Ehem… WINNER is everywhere… variety shows, music events, concert name it they are still well received… and don’t tell me BLACKPINK doesn’t exist… the lie tho. What a bias article…

  7. I’ve been noticing lately that d S. Korean population R savagely critical, rude & overly intrusive when it comes 2 Celebrities or d Entertainment community. I mean SERIOUSLY – a Selfie??? Then w/ Song Hye Kyo. B/c she’s getting a divorce she can’t live her life!!! K-netizens being critical that she’s still doing her scheduled work or going about her business despite the divorce announcement is RIDICULOUS!!! Should she cancel her commitments & hide at home??? How long is good enough???

    Bae Suzy is criticized b4 knowing if her work w/ PSY was set b4 his & YG’s scandal w/Prostitutes exploded. Now, T.O.P. can’t take a freaking SELFIE. R THEY SERIOUS??? I wanna ask if THEY ARE d SOCIOPATH’S and Not him?!?! Retard, Dummy, Criminal…??? He has a substance abuse problem! That’s one of the things I Love about America – it’s if u struggle & come back it’s Praised. 1) Brittany Spears (head shaven ‍ – breakdown) standing ovation when she got better at awards show performance. 2) ROBERT DOWNEY JR., If we never let him bounce back we wud’ve missed out on some of his most entertaining work. If we kicked him while he was down he cud’ve/wud’ve died in an overdose or suicide.

    T.O.P. didn’t take a selfie w/a JOINT. Now, that wud b retarded & shameless. He Just Took a Normal Picture of Himself. But what, he’s not allowed 2 even do that. L O L , this world is crazy, Insane. Smh, W-H-A-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T-T ! ! ! I’d Love 2 go into those K-netizens lives and throw JUDGEMENT + Trolls on them 2C if they’d like it. So self-entitled. It’s Sad All Around.

    Anyway, that’s just my 2¢.

  8. Welcome back top you have a lot of fans that support you to those that want to act all high and mighty act like you’re perfect here’s a big news flash you’re not nobody’s perfect sweep your own doorstep before you try to sweep somebody else’s everyone has skeletons in their closet I’m sure if we look we can find some of yours

  9. Why are K-nets so narrow minded.. I used to be so into the Korean thing but now even after so many years k-nets still the same. Cyber bullying and all

  10. Its funny how we see things differently.. They want a perfect idol and forget those idols are human and do made mistakes.. I know that what he did was really a no good but I think instead of hating him why not see what he would become after his lesson.PEOPLE CHANGE (all we hope is for better). Why don’t you reflect on your behavior towards him, its not like he drag you into something or stepped on you by posting his photos.. I understand that we each have our own point of views but we should consider what you have make him feel by throwing your hates on him..he got a life if you don’t want him don’t just throw rocks on his head like he’s another rock, let him be if you don’t want him.. You can hope for the best instead of throwing him back where hes from!!

  11. This is why suicide rate is high in korea because of knets. They just dont support each other but keep on criticizing them. Well, we international fans had already move on with that. He already paid for it by serving you knets. If you dont want to see him then unfollow him. Stop criticizing. God is forgiving so should you. Its as if you are that innocent too. We all have ouw own flaws and weaknesses. Its not like you’re a saint or something. Knets are the one who is retarded. Without these idols korea wont be known this big throughout the world and you all are so ungrateful towards them. Heartless knets

  12. These people are probably living a miserable life. That’s the only plausible reason I can think of why they keep dragging people down. “I’m not happy so no way can you be happy”. Work on your life instead of making nasty comments about people and trying to bring them down…sheesh!

  13. If people make mistake, apologize to it , we should accept their apologize and support them to be a better person. If K netizens cannot do that, just leave Korea. No wonder there are increasing number of suicide in Korea.

  14. The thing is Koreans take drugs VERY seriously its more of a coutual type mater. In Korea drugs are illegal and I’m sure it might be like that in some other countries but they look lightly on it, to them it’s like murdering someone and ruining their life almost.

    • Dear Lord, get over it. People are so low and ridiculous. Ok so what you don’t looks favorably on marijuana so it’s ok to straight harass yo the point of verbally assaulting someone. No wonder so many kpop artists kill themselves. It’s disgusting.

      • Lol..ylol some of you bully koreans are the one who is retardaded..he pays the price already..why don’t you move on? Who’s not a sinner here..every people or son sometimes go in a wrong way a wrong choice of people to be with..commit mistakes because we are human..TOP don’t need to pay for it for the rest of his life..people change..the one who bullying here is the one who no shame at all and a retarded more than Top..if you want Top to reflect and change you guys retarded who commenting hates mush be the the one who reflect…SO HYPOCRITE OF’re so pitiful..make a life lmao!

  15. I think the Koreans should learn humility, it is true that Top broke a law but the gravity of his gesture is not comparable to the cruelty of the judgments that are addressed to him. Koreans should learn to judge and hate those responsible for such “minor” errors, because the real crimes are others !! Their judgment is pervaded by bad faith, they must learn to be open of mind and heart. Because it seems to me to witness the stoning of Maddalena. Jesus Christ intervened saying “WHO BETWEEN YOU IS WITHOUT SIN TROW THE FIRST STONE”. Everyone makes mistakes, and smoking a marijuana cigarette is a crime for the law, but it’s not a crime, do you know the difference? It is MUCH less than other crimes that are committed every day in Korea and the world. So if the Koreans who hate Tops are saints, I would like to enter their perfect life to verify it. You make me sick

  16. The reactions of these K- nets are absolutely ridiculous. Who are they to judge how long and how exactly he reflects on his actions?

    They have proven that they are not his fans so just ignore him and leave him alone. I’m sorry but imo he’s kind of made it obvious that he doesn’t care what they think first by skipping the press dog and pony show of a post discharge interview and then by making his IG posts in English.

    They are the pathetic ones acting like a stalker with a clearly moved on ex.

  17. I am not condoning drug usage per say but in the grand theme of things Pot/Marijuana is pretty minor. The stress of being an idol and having your every more analyzed and criticized would be enough to drive anyone to escape their reality for a while. A little stress relief from smoking a joint is a far better option that suicide that so many famous people have succumbed to. Leave the man alone. He fessed up, Paid for his crime. Forgive and forget.

  18. Hes only human… We know that drugs is a crime but were not perfect every human do bad things sometimes… But the real crime is if you hurt people or somebody thats the real… Cause you violate the law of god.. I think dont judge him literally even if if he do it again… As long if he is not hurting someone… Maybe thats the way he do that… because he is celebrity and everyone got depression… Like this talking bad to him is not good…. Critized him is not usefull to help him… I think he need more good people who say to him and support him… To deal his problem…. He need more strong support…

  19. Am sure the very same.people who criticised him are the same people who enjoyed watching Robert Downey Jr in Avengers/ Ironman as well as enjoyed watching Bohemian Rhapsody and listening to Queen. I don’t condone drugs but I can’t stand hypocrites. Give T.O.P. a break, people!

  20. I don’t see why he needs to be bashed so much over drugs. Unless I’m missing something here. People really love to call out other people’s mistakes.

  21. The hell with knetz. You always say bad words and criticize yg artists. Have you not done any bad thing in your life. Being malicious and hateful is same as being a murderer. You murdered not the physical body but the emotion and spirit of the victim of your bully. Hypocrites..


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