B.I Discredited From All Of iKON’s Songs On Various Music Sites


Many things have been happening to B.I since his departure from YG that infuriate fans and this time many believe its too much.

Going through various music sites recently, fans found that almost all of the songs B.I made under YG have been deleted, including iKON songs. If you search music sites like Melon, Genie, and Soribada you will find that his profile has thinned down from all the songs he had written as part of iKON replaced by empty space.

What remains are the songs he wrote under a different distributor than YG which are Mnet (survival shows) songs plus collaboration songs with other artists. Fans are furious that these music sites just deleted such important information. B.I spent more than half of his life in YG and its sad to see everything he worked day and night on vanish from Korean sites.

It is a well-known fact that he is the main producer of his group’s discography and has even composed for other YG artists such as BLACKPINK.

What makes it even worse is that this is the first time such a thing happened to an artist who had already left YG label. Artists like Seungri, PSY, Park Bom and others still have all of their songs and albums (they made at YG) attached. This adds more salt to injury. Fans are furious with the way the label has treated B.I.

When the issue was brought up and other fans found out many left harsh comments criticizing the way B.I was treated for mere allegations. The entire way they handled B.I’s controversy was already a hot topic among fans and this new revelation only makes it worse. Many left comments such as, ‘wow, so unprofessional,’ ‘are they kidding me?’ ‘the rest of iKON should leave,’ and more.

What do you think of this?


    • It really Hurts to see That YGE went to such extremes When there hasn’t been any PROOF HE EVER did anything How could they be so mean! He deserves his recognition for everything he did so not right Discrediting him!!!!

    • You done fucked up yg
      BI is a genuine person and is an amazing producer so fuck yg he don’t need him but ikon….won’t be the same without him

    • I totally agree! I mean I am not even an iKON fan but jeez! What they’re doing is making me really furious! Karma will hit YG hard. I mean really hard.

    • whatever that Fxxxing agency will do to him,even if they crashed him, even if they mistreat him, they will never be able to accept the fact that Kim Hanbin, known as BI, was loved and supported by many. we may love him silentlyand support him in shadows, but the fact that we believe in him and his talent, he will still shine and he doesn’t need fame, he just wants to be acknowledge through his music and works. i hope and pray karma will come to them. a genuine heart is what we see in him as fans. he has a pure and innocent heart and he was a kind leader. he will remain in our hearts.

    • If I am an upcoming artist I would think a million times before signing up with this agency. So unethical and unprofessional! They do not even know how to defend their artist. Small agencies are even doing a better job.

  1. Can they even legally do that?? It wouldn’t be possible in the U.S. He has artistic roghts to the music as a creator. It makes me feel like they are threatening him. Are they afraid he knows something that will bring them down further? It’s all just so weird.

  2. I’m so hurt reading this made me cry so hard. Someone spend half of his life for a company and that’s how they say thank you. Is hurting all I pray is his mental health now I hope he is ok and I hope his family and friends are with him he need them the more at this period I’m so hurt seriously. I’m sure is his own trail he should not abandon a bright future is ahead of him.
    Which you good luck HANBIN


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