One of the hottest tvN dramas currently airing has to be “Hotel Del Luna.” Fans can’t get enough of the cast, the script and the beautiful cinematography.

But who are the people behind the hit tvN drama? Today, we shall talk about 11 interesting facts about the cast of this drama.

IU and Yeo Jin Goo were afraid of what their chemistry would turn out to be

The co-stars opened up about working together and admitted that at first, they were skeptic about how their chemistry would play out in the drama. They were afraid that things might be awkward since they’re both shy people. IU is 4 years older than Yeo Jin Goo.

However, they revealed that they actually became closer more quickly than they had expected, adding,

“Now, we work so well together as actors that we don’t even need to think twice about our chemistry.”

Yeo Jin Goo has no dating experience

Yeo Jin Goo recently opened up about his life as a child-turned-adult actor. Due to many things and his lifestyle he hadn’t been able to date and find a girlfriend, he says that he has no experience in dating.

This is why he admitted that filming a romantic comedy was hard on him since he has never been in a romantic relationship. He says that he learned about romance and dating through the filming of his recent drama “Absolute Boyfriend.”

He also spoke about how he’d like a date with his future girlfriend to be, he commented,

“I want to talk in a park and stand on a balcony together in front of an ocean.”

As for his ideal type, he says that he likes someone who gives love and would embrace his faults and accept him.

Lee Do Hyun is very much new to the acting game

do hyun

The new rising actor who’s causing a stir has actually only recently started.

Lee Do Hyun plays a historical character in “Hotel Del Luna,” he’s stealing hearts with his amazing acting and good looks.

His first role was the young version of the lead in the hit tvN drama “Prison Playbook.” “Hotel Del Luna” is his fourth drama so far.

Block B’s P.O caused an issue with a jacket he wore to a performance

Block B’s P.O caught attention a couple of years ago but it wasn’t the type of attention any idol would want.

He and his group performed in the “Korean Independence Day 70th Anniversary Festival.” Netizens noticed that he was wearing a jacket that had the phrase “no problem” (“問題ない”) in Japanese.

Many netizens criticized his choice of outfit on Korea’s Independence Day. Korea has had a rough past with Japan.

As a result, his agency released an official apology for the outfit choice.

Choi Tae Joon was supposed to star in “Hotel Del Luna”

Actor Choi Tae Joon was previously one of the actors who received offers to star in “Hotel Del Luna.”

However, all of that fell through when on April 4, tvN released a statement on the matter. They revealed that his role went to actor Lee Tae Sun instead.

His agency also released a statement explaining that Choi Tae Joon decided not to appear due to conflicts regarding the direction of the drama and his character role.

The actor who plays his role is a minor character in the drama.

Kang Mina debuted four times

Its very rare for an idol to debut more than once or twice in his group and a sub-group if possible.

Idol-actress Kang Mina did just that, four times.

She first debuted in I.O.I and later debuted in Gugudan. She also debuted in two other sub-groups in her own group, Gugudan 5959, and Semina.

IU calls Yeo Jin Goo her lucky charm

During the press conference of “Hotel Del Luna” IU talked about hearing the news of casting Yeo Jin Goo through news outlets. She said she was very happy and thought that he suited his character very well.

She also says she came prepared for her role well and added,

“After he was cast, everything started working out well on set. I believe he’s our lucky charm.”

JYP heavily regrets losing IU

Before she made a name for herself, IU struggled to find an agency that would accept her. Since she is a huge Kim Tae-woo (g.o.d) fan, she auditioned for JYP but wasn’t accepted and instead was accepted into LEON Entertainment.

When JYP head Park Jin Young found out, he said that he wanted to find out whoever rejected her and fire them.

IU is considered one of the biggest female soloists in South Korea right now. She has made a name for herself as a delicate singer and a fierce charismatic actress. It’s understandable that Park Jin Young regrets not having her in his agency.

IU only got her light stick 10 years after her debut

It took IU 10 years to get her own light stick, something that many Kpop groups or soloists get soon after their debut but that wasn’t the case for IU.

IU got her own light stick in 2017. It’s shaped like a microphone and has many colors with her name in English on it.

Fans were thrilled when the light stick came out.

 “Hotel Del Luna” had six cameo appearances so far

It is common for actors to make special appearances in dramas out of their loyalty to the writer, actors or director.

“Hotel Del Luna” had six different talented actors grace the screen with special cameo appearances as of this writing. Most notably, Lee Joon Gi appeared as a priest in support of IU whom he shared the screen with back in 2016 “Scarlet Heart Ryeo.”

Sulli is also set to make a cameo appearance in the drama to support IU. She is set to make her cameo appearance on episode 10.

 “Hotel Del Luna” is doing way better than its precedent the high-budget drama “Arthdal Chronicles”

“Arthdal Chronicles” is a drama that aired in the same time slot as “Hotel Del Luna.” It is led by Song Joong Ki, Kim Ji Won and many others. However, it failed to rate as well as people have expected despite its enormous budget of nearly $42 million.

After it wrapped up season 1 and 2 “Hotel Del Luna” took over and is doing way better in terms of ratings in comparison to “Arthdal Chronicles.” Its 6th episode rated 8.7%, a number that “Arthdal Chronicles” was never able to touch during its run- so far.

Did any of these facts surprise you? Are you currently watching “Hotel Del Luna”?