One of the hottest tvN dramas currently airing has to be “Hotel Del Luna.” Fans can’t get enough of the cast, the script and the beautiful cinematography.

But who are the people behind the hit tvN drama? Today, we shall talk about 11 interesting facts about the cast of this drama.


IU and Yeo Jin Goo were afraid of what their chemistry would turn out to be


Yeo Jin Goo has no dating experience

9 do hyun

Lee Do Hyun is very much new to the acting game


Block B’s P.O caused an issue with a jacket he wore to a performance


Choi Tae Joon was supposed to star in “Hotel Del Luna”


Kang Mina debuted four times


IU calls Yeo Jin Goo her lucky charm


JYP heavily regrets losing IU


IU only got her light stick 10 years after her debut


 “Hotel Del Luna” had six cameo appearances so far


 “Hotel Del Luna” is doing way better than its precedent the high-budget drama “Arthdal Chronicles”


  1. I love “Hotel Del Luna”. I like the story, the little sub-plots featuring the guests of the hotel. IU and Mina are so pretty. I’m almost caught up. Waiting for new episodes will be hard.

    • Hotel De Luna or HDL is a unique and is so differemt from other dramas. The lead actor YeoJinGoo and lead actress Lee Jieun are so good in potrayed their character as Ku Chan Sung and Jang Man Wol. Their acting and their chemistry are extremely good. I loved their vibes and aura. Their co stars also very good also. Thank You PD nim and Director nim for chosen them. Salute and standing ovation for all the casts and crews. P/S YeoJinGoo is super duper handsome and manly and IU is so cute and really pretty and beautiful

  2. Yes i watching hotel del luna it’s awesome and the way IU dressing style it look so beautiful and i was surprise when i saw JG in thus drama it keep intresting to watching…..lote of love and support from nagaland

  3. Currently i just finished episode 14 and i cant wait to watch the last 2 episode, i am verry much captivated with the acting charm of IU and at the other hand im sad cuz Hotel de Luna will come to an end

  4. I really love this drama and i really like repeating it to watch all over again.. Because the story is so amazing and the love team make the hearts of viewer beats so fast because of their unique acting.. Im hoping for a season 2..
    love you jang man wol and ku chan seong..

  5. I love hotel del luna, but even if asadal chronicles fail the rate,i find asadal chronicles also very very interesting. It’s not an easy drama and needs hard work. Good job to both dramas. Can’t wait to watch asadal chronicles, if God permits tomorrow

  6. I don’t usually watch dramas, but this one caught my attention and binge-watched ’til I finished all episodes in 2 days. I got addicted to it! Kudos to IU! I wasn’t disappointed with my first ever K-drama 🙂 Hope to see you personally, IU 🙂


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