[BREAKING] Yang Hyun Suk’s Younger Brother To Step Down From The CEO Position In YG Entertainment


Yang Hyun Suk’s Younger Brother Yang Min Suk has also announced his resignation; he will step down from his position as the CEO of YG Entertainment.

Contrary to popular belief, Yang Hyun Suk is not the CEO of his company; it’s his younger brother, Yang Min Suk.

In his official statement, he expressed his apologies to everybody who’s been working hard despite the current environment, he also expressed his gratitude.

He also states he feel ashamed knowing how everyone was feeling uneasy and worried because of the constant issues happening since 2019 started.

He says that he and his brother continued to endure the difficulties believing the truth will win in the end, but seeing that the situation has extended to seriously harm YG artists, he knew that it won’t end by enduring.

He acknowledged that a big change needs to happen and has decided to step down from the CEO position in YG Entertainment.

He concluded,

“A while ago when celebrating the 23rd anniversary of establishing YG Entertainment, I shared my thoughts with you that above all else, we ourselves must change in order to overcome the current difficult situation.

I sincerely hope that my decision will be the start of a big and positive change for YG.

Thank you.”

His older brother had also stepped down from his position as well.

Netizens remain furious with all that’s going on. It was also revealed that a special task force will be formed to investigate YG, B.I and all the allegations and controversies surrounding them that unraveled due to informant A testimony and Dispatch reports.

What do you think of this?

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