YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyun Suk can’t catch a break and it seems that netizens comments are getting to him.

Recently, MBC’s “Straight” reported on a new explosive report that accuses Yang Hyun Suk of arranging a trip for Malaysian businessmen/investors with 10 prostitutes. He had allegedly provided 10 prostitutes to travel with the investors including Jho Low to Europe.

The new allegations made by MBC’s “Straight” preview came from a shocking tip that contradicts Yang Hyun Suk previous denial of any knowledge of prostitute services being provided when he was accused of a similar thing a month prior.

If you want to read more information on the report click here.

Through his agency, he later denied all the allegations made in the recent MBC “Straight” report.

He also set his account to private which many believe is due to the comments he’s been receiving from netizens. He is heavily criticized for the way he’s handled the allegations made against him so far.


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