Why Jin And Suga Will Heavily Affect BTS Overseas Schedule Next Year

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Its getting closer and ARMY are scared!

Jin is the oldest member of BTS (born in 1992) and Suga is the second oldest member in BTS (born in 1993).

According to the new military laws, Jin will likely enlist in the military by 2020 because men are only allowed to delay their military service until they’re 28 years old (international age). Jin will turn 28 in 2020.

Suga will follow him and is likely to enlist in 2021. However, there are other concerning laws that ARMY are afraid of. According to the new military laws, men over 25 years old (international age) must receive permission to travel overseas. Men aged 25-27 can receive up to 5 leaves over 2 years period with one leave being the maximum of 6 months.

This means that starting next year; it’ll be more difficult for all of BTS members to participate in overseas schedule. Suga will also face difficulties starting the latter half of next year.

BTS are a global success that brings a lot to the economy and are often overseas for various reasons such as tours, award ceremonies and more.

The debate around granting BTS an exemption from the military is a trending topic. Fans have different reasons why they should/shouldn’t serve the military.

BTS successfully completed their Europe Tour recently and are now preparing to attend their global fan meeting in the next couple of days in both Busan and Seoul.

What do you think of this?

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  1. While I think that they’ve done enough to warrant an exception, I don’t think they should actually take it. I personally think they should serve. If they don’t I think they will end up damaging their image in South Korea, just when they are truly gaining respect. It may not seem like a big deal to international fans since most of us have the option not to serve in our militaries, but one of my Korean friends said that it IS a big deal there and if they go will show that they have honor and take their country responsibilities seriously, and also that they are humble enough not to want to be treated different than anyone else. Not to mention, they’ve said themselves that they plan on going. Tbh, wouldn’t it almost be a break for them considering the intensity of their schedules lately? 🙂

  2. Lalalalani, I agree with you. In comparison to their schedules and serving in the military, the latter does seem like a break for them. I don’t have a lot of knowledge when it comes to korea’s military service but I do know that it’s a huge thing for people from Korea. It would feel empty with one or two members missing, that’s for sure, but let’s also take into consideration that they have their own rules to follow and besides, two years might be long but it’s better than d*[email protected]*t. Let’s continue loving our boys!!

  3. It is a big deal in Korea to not serve your time in the military and coming from an international army I don’t really care whether they serve or not. They are all so devoted to their musical careers right now that I think they will still want to pursue what makes them the happiest. However I do know that some time most like in the near future will some of the older members may try looking into starting to settle down with their lives and especially with Jin it’s kinda sad how the industry works this way but to a company’s perspective he might not be as profitable as a member anymore. We will probably still be seeing things from suga and all the other members but eventually BTS will have to disband as a group. It’s sad and even I don’t what to think about it right now. However they do bring in a LOT of money for Korea which really helps their economy so I could very well see how they could exclude them from military training. But whi knows you are technically allowed to get your two years worth of training before that time si they may even all go in together. We don’t know yet what the future will hole but for right now all it leads to is more more international and local success for the boys.

  4. I do hope the Korean government will update the law, so that other paths outside of the old school classics and athletic practices will be able to receive a military exception as well. The soner the better, however I’m also aware that even if the law gets put in work and BTS will get an exception, they probably won’t use it because it would most likely hurt their reputation big time.
    I do hope the Korean government will recognize some of the new activities and patha that has come over time, if the Korean football team can receive military exception from winning an Asian football tournament, then BTS should be able to get it from being number 1 on a big international music chart!

  5. Yes!! They should Serve, for Korea! But, I hope the Government call all the members to serve the Military TOGETHER. Because then It will take way less time because if Jin & Yoongi go to the military now then Hoseok & Namjoon, then Taehyung & Jimin and then Jungkook (or maybe Jungkook, Jimin, & Taehyung) it will take about 6-8 years, without the whole BTS, So I think it is better that we only miss them for 2 years which is better then 6-8 years. OFC there will be no comebacks then, but it’s going to be totally WORTH IT!!

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