Big Hit Entertainment new rookie boy group TXT has had an unfortunate encounter with racist photographers.

On June 2, the boys performed at iHeartRadio “Wango Tango” in Los Angeles. Fans were excited to see the boys promote in America, however, fans noticed that during the red carpet event, some photographers threw around some pretty racist remarks.

In a video shared by a TXT fan, photographers said,

“Pose like you’re Asian.”

“Get close like you’re Asian.”

Check out the full clip:

Others were asking who the group was and some even mispronounced their name and called them ‘text.’

TXT fans were furious with the racist remarks and demanded an apology from iHeartRadio “Wango Tango.” The official Twitter account ended up tweeting,

However, that apology was met with poor response from TXT fans, here are some of their tweets,

What do you think of this?


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