Sunmi Tops Worldwide Trends For Publicly Supporting LGBT Community

It is known that South Korea is a conservative country and many idols don’t usually voice their opinions for or against a cause or a community. However, Sunmi broke that unspoken rule and showed her support for the LGBT Community.

During a recent stop of her world tour “Warning,” the singer took time to interact with fans and said,

“I have many different sides of me… like dorky and LGBT. LGBT queen! And a bright side of me and a dark side of me, yeah. There are sides of me I know very well, like I just said. And sometimes there are times when I don’t know myself well. So sometimes I wonder other things about me.”

The crowd cheered loudly for her and video of her comment spread online quickly. Some fans seem to believe that she came out while others seem to believe that she is publicly showing her support for the LGBT community. She topped twitter worldwide trends.

Note: Sunmi’s agency has not released an official comment yet.

Regardless, many fans have talked about their respect for Sunmi for talking about the LGBT community and showing her support despite how it will probably get her a lot of negative comments from netizens.

Check out the video below:

Here some of the best tweets:

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