Sunmi is currently touring the world and had recently publicly spoken about her support for the LGBT community; however, her message was misunderstood by a lot of fans around the world.

One clip that has gone viral since then shows her saying, “there are a lot of sides of me like… dorky… and LGBT.”

The video only shows 18 seconds and the caption reads,

“Sunmi came out today.”

However, the video didn’t paint the full picture, since she actually said,

“There are a lot of sides of me…. dorky… LGBT. LGBT queen.”

Her name trended on twitter and fans welcomed her after some believed she came out. However, others advised fans to wait for a statement from her agency.

Sunmi returned with a statement herself, she clarified the rumors,

Fans are glad she clarified the misunderstanding and are dubbing her LGBT queen.

It is very rare for Kpop idols to speak up in support of the LGBT community and fans are proud of Sunmi for standing up to the community.

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