Song Hye Kyo Breaks Her Silence Following Divorce Announcement, Explains Why It Happened

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Earlier on Thursday morning, Song Joong Ki shocked fans announcing that he’s filed for divorce from Song Hye Kyo, the couple had been married for less than two years.

The shocking announcement still hasn’t sunk in, many fans are in disbelief hearing the news.

Song Hye Kyo’s side has finally released a statement on the behalf of their actress, in their statement they address the divorce announcement revealing she’s currently going through the divorce proceedings with Song Joong Ki.

Additionally, she actually revealed the reason why the couple decided to file for divorce, according to her agency UAA, the two had different personalities and they couldn’t overcome their differences which is why they decided to get a divorce.

The agency added they couldn’t confirm more details since its about their private lives. They concluded their statement asking fans to refrain from leaving speculative comments on the matter.

Unlike Song Joong Ki who refused to address the reasons behind the divorce. In an official statement, he told his fans the reasons cannot be revealed as they’re about their private lives.

What do you think of this?

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  1. Sure, there’s no comment on Song Joong Ki’s side but there’s a subtlety to how they’d make it look like the girl is to blame. The stress on her especially when perhaps she was bearing a child ( keep in mind, that’s 9 months – almost the length of their marriage) plus work to top it with rumors of his affair…poor girl, sigh…

  2. She “revealed” that they had differences and that’s why they divorced. ROFLMAO. That’s what EVERY Korean couple says when they break up. How is that revealing anything?

  3. Amidst the chaos brought about by the separation of song song couple..i am wondering WHY? SJK took the first move so how big is the issue here???f for sjk to make that too bold decision….He cried while reading his wedding vow…..their fans around the world rejoiced that day Oct 31, 2017……what NOW? ..announcing to the whole world “irreconcilable differences” …naturally you have differences, you are two people of different backgrounds who tied the knot and vow to accept each other’s faults and weaknesses….really a drama in real life…sjk , is this something you cant endure that you decided first to end it…is your love for shy good only for two years? Dont you know that your move is more embarassing to shy…so sad…i am a fan that is why

  4. I think she should have had the courage to file for an anulment a long time ago. I really believe he is gay but she did not know and entered into it. She got a lot more money than he does so if she tells the truth she will lose a lot of money with him filing uncontested divorce, and holds her hostage. It is a dirty game. It will also make her look like a fool that she did not detect his true self.

  5. My take on this is, joong ki is pissed off because he really does’nt want a divorce but since Hye Kyo is’nt talking to him or is’nt openhearted to listening to his explanations, he just blew his top-off and shocked everyone with his divorce announcement. I believe that if pride on both sides are lowered and hearts are more given value over hurt, there’s still a chance they wo’nt continue with the divorce. No use pointing fingers on whose to blame, they just have to give each other the chance to air their grievances and just with an open heart and mind accept each others sorry. C’mon guys, a lot of people look up to you both, set a good example please. Again this is only my take on the matter.

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