Netizens Petition To Suspend YG Entertainment Artists Activities


Netizens are not pleased with YG Entertainment and they started a petition against their artists’ activities!

Last night, drug usage allegations against former iKON member B.I came to the surface and they infuriated netizens. B.I is not the first YG artist to be associated with a drug controversy.

On June 12, a government petition was posted on the Blue House’s petition bulletin board. In the petition the person who started wrote,

“YG Entertainment celebrities are always getting into drug and marijuana cases and should stop their activities on all broadcasts.”

The original petitioner explains that there have been many idols, actors, and entertainers inside YG who were involved in drugs, the post alleges that these suspicions cannot be a coincidence,

“There are too many scandals at the agency which clearly points to a serious problem inside the company.

They need to stop their activities on all broadcasting media and go through a thorough internal investigation.”

International fans, on the other hand, are displeased with the petition.

It was reported that iKON fans also started a petition to to show support for B.I and ask him to stay in iKON.

How do you feel about the petition?

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My Personal Thoughts

Reading the kakaotalk conversations I believe B.I has a skewed belief on what drugs actually do to your body and soul. This can only be attributed to lack of knowledge.

Taking hard drugs ruins lives; it doesn’t make you creative or better as a musician. I wonder why the company hasn’t done better to educate their kids on just how awful drugs can be. Especially since their own artists got involved in drugs many times in the past.

I root for the internal investigation part. In my opinion, the agency needs to be rebranded as a whole if they want to stay relevant and keep operating. It’ll take years before YG is able to erase what netizens think of them, if at all.

A petition is an overkill in my opinion but I also understand why Koreans did it. Before you flip as an international fan you need to understand that Koreans pride themselves in being one of the countries that have low drug addiction rate.

Idols carry the image of being clean and kids look up to them. Such behaviors send the wrong message to the Korean youth. For where you come from this might be a different case and celebrities are not held on moral high ground but its not the case with Korea. I hope before you flip you have that in mind.

Its not normal that such a company has had so many drug issues, and it’s also not a coincidence. I don’t know what’s going on but I believe it’s a mess at the agency right now.

Its disturbing that YG let go of one of their biggest assets so quick. That’s an alarming sign. Lets wait and see how it’ll go from here.


  1. Ooh so sad . First and fore most am an international fan of Korean idols so after hearing the news I was so shocked.
    I support the petitioneven though YG is in mass right now but they have to take their time and rebuild their image again.
    Most of us fans especially youth we always take those idols as our role models, from this what do e learn from them?
    It might be this company today but if no measures taken to prevent this then tomorrow it’ll be another company and lastly the image of Kdrama and kpop will be lost for ever.


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