“’My Absolute Boyfriend” Becomes SBS’s Lowest Rated Drama EVER


SBS drama “My Absolute Boyfriend” has broken a record but not the type of record that anyone would want to break.

The ongoing Wednesday-Thursday drama hit a new low with its ratings according to Nielsen Korea.

On June 12, episode 17 and 18 rated 1.8% making it the lowest rated drama in SBS history and the only drama to fall below the 2% mark. June 13 episodes managed to recover a bit recording 3.2% and 2.9% with its 19 and 20 episodes respectively.

“My Absolute Boyfriend” tells the story of a special effects make-up artist who has a scar due to bad love experiences. She has a humanoid robot Young-Goo programmed to be the perfect boyfriend.

A popular actor appears in front of her and falls in love with her. She gets involved in a love triangle.

The drama is led by Yeo Jin Goo, Girl’s Day Minah, Hong Jong Hyun, and others.

Netizens attribute the drama failing due to many reasons; many believe the plot is overused and old.

What do you think of this?

My Personal Thoughts

I am gonna be honest. I never liked these types of stories. Robots have NO FEELINGS. They are programmed by us humans. I find a love line between a robot and a human disgusting, especially when the robot and the human kiss, literally, the girl/boy is kissing a bunch of metal and wires, if that doesn’t gross you out, I don’t know what to tell you.

Besides that, the idea behind the drama is also kinda repetitive and has been done quite a lot. There is nothing special anymore about an average girl who is in a love triangle between a man and a robot. *gross*

Remember “Are You Human Too”? That drama had a high budget but failed to garner an audience, the drama did well overseas but poorly in South Korea. It was due to many facts but I believe the core plot was really repetitive as well. I thought Seo Kang Joon did well in both roles but couldn’t continue because of the love line between the robot and the girl, I was grossed out.

I believe Yeo Jin Goo is an amazing actor but he has been choosing repetitive drama scripts lately. I can’t remember the last time any of his dramas did well in ratings in his country which I bet is frustrating for him.

He can portray a wide range of characters and always gives his best. I honestly admire that kid a lot.

He is currently preparing for “Hotel Del Luna” alongside IU, that drama has an interesting script, arguably the most interesting script he’s been a part of for a couple of years now. I hope it breaks the cycle of bad luck he’s been going through for the past couple of years.



  1. People seriously need to chill. It’s just a drama/fantasy. You would be lying if you can’t find the good moral story about love through this K-drama. I personally enjoyed it because of the lesson one must learn about love despite the character was a robot or not. There was especially one scene when Da Da spoke to Young Goo and said that she loves him for who he is, not as a robot and not as a human.

    If anything I was more disappointed about the ending and hoping there is more to it. Cause I feel like Young Goo should have turned out just like Pinocchio who was once a boy and became fully human or in this case Young Goo fully developed himself into a real human being. But then that wouldn’t be realistic I guess.

    • Yeah I salute your kind of thinking I love the plot of the stroy, but many people not considering the message of the story what’s wrong between human/robot love stroy? this drama is so amazing I realized a lot and learned something

  2. I found this drama kind of icky. A robot and human not too smart of a plot. Even with all my imagination I could not enjoy this drama. Happy it is gone. I absolutely love the history dramas. More history dramas please. The clothing from the dramas is so beautiful.

  3. I was super bummed with the ending. But if you dont enjoy supernatural/sifi dramas why watch?
    It’s the same if a human/vampire couple or human/mermaid human/alien. None are human/human relationships but beautiful because love goes beyond what we are but who we are. I loved this series and couldnt wait for the next episode. I love anything out of the ordinary really and this did it for me. Wish there was a moment between them in the end, bc I feel left wanting.

  4. I like this korean drama. period . YOUNG GOO is a very talented actor but i would agree im a little bit dissapointed during the last Episode i thought that he would be fix and be with the girl. Fighting oppa.

    • OMG… This was so touching. Absolute one of my favorite dramas. The definition of love demonstrated in this show from multiple angles and from the leads was just omg…so amazing. Ignoring the fact that he was a robot and just loved him for who he was… just really loved this love without bonderies feel. . Awesome. ❤

  5. Im really a fan of Kdrama but I rarely find a Kdrama that I could continue watching until the end. Some of the dramas I watched and stopped in the middle coz Its getting boring..others Id just watch and skip some episodes but this one got me really interested to watch– every single episode. I really admire the casts for their talent and and production for this drama. Esp the male lead Yeon Jin Goo he’s amazing portraying the robot character Young Goo. For those who felt grossed out about some scene yeah I feel you but this is a fantacy/ sci-fi drama..like any other alien-human, vampire/human, mermaid-human kdrama you usedto watch so chill will ya.. and just understand the moral of the story. The only thing left hanging here is the end part.. would be much better if they added one more episode and not an open ended one. So yeah I’ll rate the drama 9/10. Peace out! ❤️

  6. I’ve watch A LOT of kdramas and I can easily put this one as one of the most romantic ones. I also loved the ending as it made me wonder, perhaps ZeroNine moving his finger was a way of saying ‘thank you’ and the person with the umbrella who Da Da met in the end, is not 09 but rather Da Da moving on with her life.

  7. I keep thinking about the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz. He needed a heart. Also a fantasy, but with some of the same kinds of lessons re love found in this drama.

  8. I really liked the story, which was a surprise for me, because I find it so-so during the first half of the series and was kind of pissed about how the Da Da treats Young Go despite of all the efforts he did for her. The turnaround came when she started reciprocating in kind.

    This drama is, yes, out of the box and something most of us won’t like if it happened in real life, but who are we to judge what feels right or wrong for those who’s feeling it. Love, at the end of the day, is never ordinary.

    I haven’t cried this much over a drama but this definitely teaches lessons about love.

  9. i wonder why this drama got a lot of hate, when human×robot is just similar to other popular drama such as human×alien, human×werewolf and even human×vampire. (which also makes no sense at all) a robot starting to feel human feelings isnt actually weird since it could be possible in our real life. although i was pretty dissapointed at the ending, because of several reasons. 1st, a robot can be fixed / recreated and actually living normally unlike aliens. 2nd, its pretty unfair for Da Da to suffer forever from her painful experiences. 3rd, who the fuck shared his umbrella with her like cmon, i need season 2.

  10. I love this drama much… From the cast,plot,scene,everything i love it…. My opinion this is fantasy drama.. So it is no problem to have feeling with the robot… I really love hero and heroin.. I already watch their behind the scene.. They are so cute and sweet.. I will give 9/10.. I really recommend this drama should be watch..

  11. I think this series was under rated because others doesn’t appreciate the love between a robot and a human. I felt it that way with Are you human reason why I dropped it. However, this series held me back. I’m proud that I was able to finish it. The actors were all amazing. Yeo Jin Goo never fail to amaze me. If people will only give this story a chance, they’ll realize how good the story was.


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