Jeon Somi Clarifies Explains Why She Left JYP Entertainment, Here Is What She Said


Jeon Somi has finally made her debut!

Jeon Somi used to be a JYP artist. She joined the company years ago and trained hard to debut, however, last year it was revealed that her contract was terminated. The two parties had agreed to that.

Shortly afterwards it was announced that she joined YG Entertainment sub-label The Black Label. Around the same time, JYP revealed they’re working hard to debut an upcoming girl group (which is now ITZY), it was believed Jeon Somi was going to be part of that group.

Many rumors spread around arguing that there is tension between her and her former agency.

Jeon Somi finally addressed the rumors at her solo debut showcase on June 13.

Jeon Somi sat down to talk about her debut and answered questions, one of the questions she was asked was why she’d left JYP, she said,

“We had different musical directions. We had many discussions around the time I was leaving. Back then, we had a lot of conversations.

There was no discord between us, and both of us were cheering on each other when I left. I cheer on JYP, and I think JYP probably cheers me on too.”

Jeon Somi made her solo debut on June 13 KST. Her track “Birthday” topped real-time charts shortly after release and its receiving positive reaction from the public.

Watch the press conference below:

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