Is Han Hye Jin Magazine Cover Racist? Fans Divided


Korean model Han Hye Jin is July’s cover girl of the popular magazine Harper Bazaar.

The photoshoot was made available for audience recently and it sparked a debate. The model was fully covered in black paint, fans were divided, some believe this is art while others believes its racist and blackface.

Check out the photos:

Here are some of the people’s comments on her Instagram post:

On the other hand, there are others who believe this is art and not blackface.

What do you personally think of this?


  1. It’s just a colour, black people paint themselves white, gold,etc and she their hair blonde like white people, but there isn’t a problem? How messed up is that. And you can try saying something back to me but I’m black too. So….

    • First of all..anyone can have blonde hair..look at melanesians, second of all, blackface is not simply painting oneself black…I suggest you do research because simply painting yourself peach doesn’t even touch what blackface is all about…and no, this isn’t blackface…and I’m also black….

    • Its different for us bc thete isnt really racist towards white people also asians and some other races dye their haur blonde to so i dont think hair has anything to do with it its only skin color…

  2. Just ignorance, in today’s race climate. Celebrity and their stupid will always find themselves in trouble with public. Do your research before doing something you might regret later. Should know better she is not just working in her home town and even then it would not be acceptable. Don’t care if you white Black or Asian you should know better.


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