BTS Jungkook Publicly Calls Out Sasaengs For The First Time For Interrupting Him During Broadcast

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ARMY are shocked, BTS Jungkook has (for the first time ever) mentioned sasaengs (obsessive so called fans).

On June 17 KST, BTS Jungkook held a VLive session where he interacted with fans, the broadcast lasted for 50 minutes, he talked about all sorts of things while drinking a glass of wine.

However, one particular clip from the broadcast spread across social media platforms. Jungkook was in the middle of speaking to fans when a sasaeng interrupted him and called his phone.

He was on his phone reading when suddenly got a phone call from a sasaeng, he said,

“I have a call from a number I don’t know. As I don’t know this number I’ll hang up. No, not hang up. I mean, I don’t answer a call if I don’t know the number.

If this is a fan… If I get a call while doing V Live, if someone is calling to see if its my phone number I immediately block the number

I actually get lots of calls from sasaeng fans.”

This is actually the first time BTS Jungkook ever called out sasaeng fans in a live broadcast.

ARMY were furious with the fact that those obsessive so-called fans managed to get their hands on his phone number. However, they applauded him for handling the situation properly.

You can check the full V Live here.

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  1. This is stupid how can a sasaeng “fan” call Jungkook and how did she/he get Jungkooks number like respect Jungkooks privacy I’m glad Jungkook finally snapped and spoke up for himself please respect BTS’s privacy

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