BTS Jungkook tried to do something cute and it almost ended in disaster because of fans!

BTS held their show in Paris and during the show, Jungkook noticed a fan in a wheelchair. He decided to jump and greet the fan but was unfortunately mobbed by other ARMY and the situation became dangerous.

The moment ARMY saw him jump they all rushed to the place he was heading to where the fan in the wheelchair was. Security rushed to the place and was hardly able to contain the situation; they managed to get him over the barricade while fans kept pushing and screaming.

Videos of the incident were shared online and other ARMY were furious when they saw how the situation turned from sweet to scary.

Here are videos of the incident:

In response to the videos ARMY trended #RespectOurEuphoria, they expressed their anger with the ARMY that mobbed Jungkook and the fan, many called them ‘disrespectful,’ ‘rude,’ and more.

Here are some of their tweets:

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