BTS Jungkook Mobbed By Fans Because He Tried To Approach A Fan In A Wheelchair


BTS Jungkook tried to do something cute and it almost ended in disaster because of fans!

BTS held their show in Paris and during the show, Jungkook noticed a fan in a wheelchair. He decided to jump and greet the fan but was unfortunately mobbed by other ARMY and the situation became dangerous.

The moment ARMY saw him jump they all rushed to the place he was heading to where the fan in the wheelchair was. Security rushed to the place and was hardly able to contain the situation; they managed to get him over the barricade while fans kept pushing and screaming.

Videos of the incident were shared online and other ARMY were furious when they saw how the situation turned from sweet to scary.

Here are videos of the incident:

In response to the videos ARMY trended #RespectOurEuphoria, they expressed their anger with the ARMY that mobbed Jungkook and the fan, many called them ‘disrespectful,’ ‘rude,’ and more.

Here are some of their tweets:

What do you think of this?


  1. I feel so bad for Jungkook why would Army do that you have to respect there space I Mean you see them every day on YouTube Instagram etc. PLZ ARMY RESPECT ARE #RESPECT Are Euphoria

  2. If u are a true army love them and please respect them they are also human they can get hurt too..
    Jungkook did that because he loved his fans too.. much and he don’t want us to get hurt so can’t u guys understand their feelings too… Don’t u feel sorry for him he came there with brave and u guys like :’awwwwhhhhh gawwwqndddd thereeeeesss junnnnggggfjkoooooj ‘ I can understand u guys too. I know that u all did that because u love him and wanna see him in near . But respect and think about them too…..

  3. Sometimes I just wanna slap fans in their faces for this specific reasons.Jungkook wanted to do one thing but fans ruined it for him like calm tf down GIVE HIS THE SPACEEE.”You know you would do the same thing!” GIRL I THINK NOT.Personaly if I was there I would have just stood at the same spot and fangirled.They didn’t have the bunch up on him like that fam.I cannot imagine how much idols got hurt from fans cause they wanna be idiots. I’m shocked and disappointed at how army treated him. You should be ashamed of y’all selfs .I can imagine how the members saw how everything went on stage.Thanks to the army’s that recorded this because that whole thing would have been hard to believe. Like I’m legit about to cry right now by the fact that kookie could have hurt his ankle or something.Can y’all army just chill tf out?! Please?…


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