Australian Radio Host Comments About MONSTA X Infuriates Fans


A couple of days ago, a clip uploaded to twitter received lots of views, the clip showed an Australian radio host being rude and unprofessional towards MONSTA X while introducing their new song to listeners.

The host, Angus O’Loughlin, introduced their newest song featuring French Montana, he said,

“If I was a [The] Voice mentor, I wouldn’t turn my chair. Let me tell you a bit about them though. There are 7 of them, just like BTS. They were formed on a reality television show in 2015 and this song features French Montana – who I can guarantee you had no idea who MONSTER X were and probably still has no idea and I would presume he just took the paycheck for his 29 second verse. Literally, it’s 29 seconds. MONSTER X featuring French Montana, the song is ‘WHO DO U LOVE?’”

Check out the clip below:

After fans learned of this, they trended the hashtag #ApologizeToMonstaX asking the host and the radio show to apologize for disrespecting the boys and for belittling their accomplishments and for comparing them to BTS.

Here are some of their comments:

What do you guys think of this?

My Personal Thoughts

Who hurt that man? Seriously?

That was rude but I don’t think it comes as racist, just ignorant and rude.

I am all in for constructive criticism but that just sounds like someone who can’t believe French Montana made a song with them, like chill bruh!

I don’t know what the style of this radio show, if the host always gives his personal feedback and thoughts or if he tries to be PG. If this is how he usually speaks, then I don’t expect much from him.

I am not gonna lie, I am upset but hey, that’s the price of globalization. Many will stand in the way of Kpop artists and try to downplay their accomplishments or compare them to each other. I didn’t really expect everybody to welcome Kpop with arms wide open. I should also mention, boy groups don’t usually have a good reputation or are respected in the west, everybody just treats them like little kids who influence 12 and 14-year-old fans. Thats not the case with Kpop but trying to convince them with that is a waste of time.

Its sad but with such attitude he has, I wouldn’t even ask for an apology, just don’t give the man attention. Don’t waste your time and stream ‘WHO DO U LOVE?’


  1. He was really acting like French Montana (a man who no one can name a project by we only know his big singles, and the only single he dropped this year flopped) doing a feature for monsta x is crazy. Any person who listens to hip-hop wouldn’t even put French in their top 50, so for him to act like that pisses me off. He had one job intro the song I’ve never heard such a lack of professionalism in a long time.


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