tvN drama “Arthdal Chronicles” continues to struggle with ratings amid its lead Song Joong Ki Divorce Announcement.

Following Song Joong Ki’s sudden shocking divorce announcement, tvN released an official statement answering the question whether this week’s broadcast will carry on or be delayed due to the news, tvN stated the actor’s private life has nothing to do with the broadcast and everything will carry on as usual.

June 29 episode of “Arthdal Chronicles” ratings dropped. According to Nielsen Korea, the episode scored an average of 5.8% which is lower than its previous week episode which scored an average of 6.5%.

Many fans and industry insiders were curious to see if the announcement would have an effect on the drama that was projected to score better ratings before it began airing. The drama cost more than $40 million to make and has been wavering around 5% to 7% in ratings since it began airing.

what do you think of this?

My Personal Thoughts

I was one of the people who were extremely curious to see if anything would change.

I feel like the people behind the drama feel terrible learning about the ratings. As I said before, I plan on writing a specific article dedicated to the subject of the rating but I will wait until part two wraps up.

A lot of things led to these numbers and I previously touched on that in my twitter account, its very difficult to bring people in interest in a drama goes down after it first starts airing.

I have been watching kdramas for 9 years and I have noticed that it take a miracle for a drama to rate better if when if at the beginning it didn’t get good ratings or reviews. People tend to give up easily and move on to the next thing. “SKY Castle” for example had terrible ratings when it aired its first episode, but as soon as that episode went out netizens began talking about it and recommending it to others, this translated to higher ratings with each episode.

“SKY Castle” now holds the record for the highest rated drama in Korean cable history. But if that drama had received negative reviews, people wouldn’t have come back.

“Arthdal Chronicles” didn’t give a good first impression. I feel sad because I wanted the drama to do better, it’s one of a kind in South Korea; it’s a genre no one attempted before so the stakes were high.

I predict that the drama rating numbers will be in this range 5%-8% throughout the second part. I honestly don’t know what they plan on doing with part three that is supposed to air in September. It’ll be interesting to see how it goes and if the ratings pick up in the meantime.

I honestly think it’s a risky move, Koreans will forget about the drama and move on to the next thing and it might not be easy to gain back audience in the same numbers almost two months later.