“Arthdal Chronicles” Achieves Higher Viewership Ratings With Its Second Episode


“Arthdal Chronicles” is rising!

The highly anticipated drama premiered on tvN and Netflix simultaneously, its first episode performed well with 6.7% in average viewership ratings and the second episode ratings numbers are in.

June 2nd episode rated an average of 7.3% according to Nielsen Korea which is a slight increase from its first episode. The drama has a lot of potential and is split into three parts. Part 1 and 2 will air back to back while part 3 will air in September of 2019.

Have you checked out episode 1 and 2? What did you think of them?

Source: Nielsen Korea

My Personal Thoughts

Good, good, its better than last night, still not as high as expected it to but glad it’s not lower. 7% is great don’t get me wrong especially for a cable channel drama but for that scale, I think people beside myself expected better numbers.

I have seen comments by netizens who are unimpressed or weirded out. Netizens also pointed out that they couldn’t understand what was being said which is a legitimate complaint, us international fans have subtitles and we don’t really pay attention to the way actors articulate themselves and we can’t even differentiate since we don’t understand Korean (most of us).

Since it’s based in ancient times, there are bound to be weird words but to me, it’s not that off-putting, but I do understand why Koreans would be concerned with that.

I was thinking of doing a review of the two episodes but I like to wait and I will probably write a spoiler free review as I usually do when it’s over.

So far, I like it. Its new, it’s different and I appreciate the level of details they put into this. It’s too early to judge if it’s bad or great but personally speaking, I think its off to a promising start. I am also very happy to see Song Joongki on screen again, it has been a while.

I hope the drama rates higher, it cost so much to make, they need to breakeven.



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