Agency Responds To MOMOLAND Nancy And The Boyz Q Dating Rumors

Sasaengs have done it again, and fans are pissed!

A couple of days ago, sasaeng fans who were following MOMOLAND Nancy and The Boyz Q around posted photos of them hanging out together. They were hanging out with The Boyz Eric and Cherry Bullet’s Jiwon as well.

The four idols were drinking at a pub and some started to speculate that MOMOLAND Nancy and The Boyz Q were dating. Netizens, on the other hand, were furious that sasaengs invaded the idols privacy and took photos of them.

In response to the rising rumors, MOMOLAND’s agency MLD Entertainment told news outlet Herald Pop that the four idols were simply hanging out together for about an hour and a half and that they’re only friends. The agency also promised to take strict legal action against those who continue to spread false rumors.

The agency response also led to more anger from fans who blamed sasaengs for photographing the four idols enjoying their time together. The photos led to speculations about the idols possible relationship when it was obvious the four of them were hanging out.

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