Two EXID Members Depart Their Agency, Agency Comments On Group’s Future

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EXID’s contracts are expiring by the end of May, their agency Banana Culture Entertainment has shared an update on the group’s future through an official statement on May 3rd.

In their official statement, they explain that both Hani and Jeonghwa have decided to leave the agency while Solji, LE, and Hyelin have re-signed with them.

Fear not, the agency was adamant about assuring fans EXID is not disbanding stating they’ll be considering how to help the group promote together in the future.

In their official statement, they also elaborate on the three members who re-signed with them. Solji and LE are both preparing for solo releases while Hyelin is planning on promoting in a variety of ways through broadcast and musical activities.

Shortly after the initial announcement was made the agency returned with another statement that pleased EXID fans, they confirmed EXID are making a comeback on May 15 with a new mini album.

In their second statement, they explain that EXID will be taking a hiatus from the team activities after completing performances and broadcast promotions for their upcoming release.

The agreement was also made in a way that allows both Hani and Jeonghwa to finish all scheduled with this comeback before searching for new agencies.

What do you think of this?

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My Personal Thoughts

I kinda expected this. I saw them on broadcast and they seem to have a strong bond.

I am not an EXID fan but I listen to their music every once and while, their latest release was AMAZING, I was so sad it was under-appreciated.

The comeback move proves that the girls are serious about their group as much as they’re serious about taking on new challenges and that I appreciate.

I will be looking forward to their next comeback and I hope that there will be other releases of EXID as a whole in the future. Despite their success with “Up and Down” I always thought they deserved more, they were more than that and such amazing performers.

Fighting EXID!

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