TWICE Sana Breaks Down In Tears Attending KBS “Music Bank”

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TWICE Sana has been embroiled in controversy for her recent Instagram post about the Japanese emperor.

Sana received many hateful comments and many netizens demanded an apology and that she deletes the post she wrote to her group’s official Instagram account. However, the post has not been deleted so many netizens remain furious.

Fans have noticed that Sana has been blue and rarely smiled the past couple of days due to the controversy; many attribute it to the immense hate she got for that post.

On May 3, the girls of TWICE arrived at KBS “Music Bank” for recording, they took photos before they entered the building. Fans noticed that Sana looked sad, unlike her usual bright self, later she broke down in tears and was comforted by fans.

Some fans claimed it was because of the controversy while others clarified otherwise, some other fans who were there explain what happened.

According to them, Sana saw a performance prepared by some ONCEs while they were on their way to “Music Bank,” after she started crying members gathered by her side to comfort her.

In response to seeing Sana’s sad face many ONCE began trending #WeLoveYouSANA on twitter, the hashtag has many messages of love and support for Sana.

Here is a video of this:

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  1. Why Sana? She doesn’t even do anything wrong. She is a Japanese Girl so it means she has the right to post her pictures on a Japanese Caption. It is not a big deal. If you are a true once you won’t take it as a big deal. Now….Can you now bring sana’s old self? Sana’s bright smile, sana’s laughing self. Stop judging her. She deserves to be loved by us. No matter what happen we should protect TWICE. We shouldn’t let them down,we shouldn’t let them feel that they are useless, we shouldn’t hate them instead love them.

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