TWICE Sana Back To Her Bubbly Lively Self In Recent TWICE Fan Meeting, Fans Happy

TWICE Sana has been worrying ONCE lately. She was embroiled in controversy over a post she wrote to her group’s official Instagram account.

Ever since the controversy started fans noticed that Sana hasn’t been her usual bubbly lively self, she looked rather sad and disoriented. Many fans suspected it was because of hate she’s been receiving.

She also recently cried on her way to “Music Bank” watching fans prepare something for TWICE. As a result, fans began trending #WeLoveYouSana on twitter.

But it seems that she’s doing fine these days.

On May 4, TWICE held a fan sign event for their recent hit album “Fancy You.” Fans noticed that Sana looked happy and smiled a lot more, she also interacted with her group members a lot more and looked genuinely happy.

At one point she even took her shoes off and rested on her members’ lap.

Fans were relieved to find out that she’s back to her old self; they have been worried about her.

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