The 1975 Matty Apologizes To BTS For The Weed Smell Near Their Hotel Rooms


Matty Healy of the English pop band ‘The 1975’ had a funny ‘apologetic’ tweet towards BTS that made ARMY laugh.

On May 10, he tweeted,

“Hey @bts_bighit you’re in the hotel room next to me just wanted to say that the weed smell and the chicken in the corridor is 100% George and not me.”

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It seems that BTS and The 1975 are staying together in the same hotel and the same floor. Many ARMY tweeted back at Matty praising him for how funny he is, some of these comments were,

There were also some concerned ARMYs who feared this might escalate into a bigger issue since there is a cultural difference between BTS and The 1975.

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BTS are currently touring the United States; they recently revealed that collaboration with Khalid is coming up soon.

What do you guys think of this? A collab between them would be amazing!


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