Sooyoung Says She Has No Plans To Marry Her Longtime Boyfriend… Yet


Girls Generation Sooyoung recently sat down for an interview on May 9 to discuss her upcoming movie “Girl Cops,” she talked about her longtime boyfriend actor Jung Kyung Ho.

The two went public with their relationship back in 2014 and have been dating well for a long time, they are one of the long-lasting couples of Kpop.

About her boyfriend and if he advises her regarding acting, she says,

“We didn’t practice acting together, but normally, he tends to give me lots of advice.”

On the reason for the couple’s longevity, she says,

“We both have easy going personalities and we don’t do things that could go wrong and since we work in the same field there is also we understand about each other.”

She also talked about the difficulties of going public with their relationship, she explains that at the time she was the first of her group to publicly date someone and that it was uncomfortable for her, she also felt burdensome because the focus shifted from the hard work they put to their albums onto her.

She also adds,

“I don’t think it’s necessary for people to be uncomfortable.”

She also praised her boyfriend and pointed out that he takes good care of her and always cheers on her new projects, she also adds that he’s especially excited about her upcoming movie.

About marriage she said:

“He is my school senior and also my senior when it comes to acting career. [About marriage] We get asked about that a lot, but we’re not thinking about marriage yet.”

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