Some Fans Dedicate One Final Letter For Park Yoochun Before They Turn Their Back On Him, Other fans are not pleased

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Park Yoochun has recently admitted to most of the charges against him after he had been denying it throughout the investigation and in the emergency press conference he held in his own defense.

Not only that but on April 30, he admitted to additional instances where he injected the drug on his own without Hwang Ha Na. A source from the Narcotics Unit of the Gyeonggi Nambu Provincial Police Agency confirmed so in a statement.

The police also revealed that they plan on wrapping up the investigation soon and forward it to the prosecution within this week.

That’s not the only bad news for Park Yoochun. After he admitted to most of the charges against him, his lawyer announced that he is stepping down from the case.

Fans had hoped Park Yoochun was innocent but when he admitted to most of the charges against him many were furious because he persisted and claimed he was innocent despite the presented facts.

Some of his Korean fans shared one last letter for him before they turned their backs on him; the letter is from a Korean online community called “dcinside.”

“’Look up the sky. I will be praying for you,’ those were the desperate cry of a fan at his press conference. However, he ultimately left behind a painful wound.

When did it start? Every time we remember him, our hearts ache.

We wonder when it started. But we can no longer cheer you on with the way you’re living…

We finally understand why they fans and a star are like water and oil and cannot mix well together.

We don’t know when it all started. We believed that we could support you forever. I think we can now understand his words, “I was afraid to put myself down.” Likewise, we were afraid to put him down.

But now its time we let go and go our separate ways, so we’re going to let go of your hand.

..Although, we cannot continue to cheer you on, we’ll watch you as you walk away from your life as a star…

So from now on, please make sure to live as Park Yoochun, the person, without any regrets.”

The letter has people divided and for a multitude of reasons. Some approve of it, some thought it was weird, and there were others who disapproved of it and shared that the letter does not represent his entire fan base.

What do you think of the letter? do you agree or disagree with the fans who wrote it?

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My Personal Thoughts

When Park Yoochun first held that press conference I was pissed at his ex-girlfriend and I believed him, so did many others who thought no sane man would hold a press conference to claim things that are obviously far from the truth.

He also said he’d participate in police investigation and such so I legitimately gave him the benefit of the doubt.

However, he did just do that.

This letter is partially weird it almost feels like they are breaking up with him but I also realize the fanbase type and mentality in South Korea differs greatly from what I am used to.

Despite that, I still found it heartwarming for some reason. I hope he reads it and it helps him put things back into perspective, it wasn’t a mean letter but a letter from some disappointed fans.

I don’t blame them for writing that but also the letter obviously doesn’t represent everybody who is a fan of him so I also understand why some other fans weren’t happy with what the ‘dcinside’ community published.

When I look at the bigger picture, I can understand why he’d go so far to proclaim his innocence when he was obviously going to get caught once a drug test was taken. He worked so hard to get to where he was, he could have been afraid of losing it all and it was one his last attempt at holding on to what he had built.

I kinda think that if he had admitted he did it sooner it would have died down sooner but since he kept denying and people of the investigation and those related to the entire case kept releasing statements it just got worse. it could have ended way sooner with less damages in my opinion.

In comparison to the shithole that Jung Joon Young is in and the allegations and suspensions against Seungri and others of the chatroom, Park Yoochun’s case seem pretty light. By the end of the day, he hurt himself the most; he didn’t harm anyone directly but himself.

Of course his actions will also affect JYJ, his family, his fans and his label, I feel so sorry for both parties. JYJ went through so much shit with their lawsuit against SM, they joined hands and persisted in this harsh industry, it’s a waste what happened.

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  1. At his press conference, a fan shouted, ‘Look up st the sky, I will be praying for you.
    When he was arrested, he was handcuffed and tied up with rope and paraded in front of the media. They humiliated him in front of the whole world. At that moment, when he was at his weakest, what did he do – he raised his head and looked up at the sky.
    I’m not even a fan, but I want to cry when I see him raise his head and look at the sky.
    Why? Because he needs his fans now more than he’s ever needed them.
    He has messed up, he knows that.
    He has made huge mistakes, he knows that.
    He will have to pay the price for his wrong decision, he knows that.
    He is willing to do that.
    But if his fans abandon him when he has appealed for their prayers and support. If they abandon him now, he’ll have nothing left to live for.
    It’s the support of his fans that is helping him get through this, if he feels they’ve abandoned him, then in his present state of mind I’m scared if what he will do to himself.
    So fans please support him, you don’t have to defend what he did, but please support him.

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