Seungri’s Arrest Warrant Denied, Netizens Furious

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The former BIGBANG member attended questioning to determine the validity of requests by police for pre-trial detention warrant, his business partner Yoo In Suk also attended.

They both attended on the morning of May 14 and were surrounded by press, neither paused for photos or answered reporters’ questions. After they attended the questioning, Seungri was later spotted in handcuffs after the questioning was done.

In the evening Judge Shin Jong Yeol dismissed the arrest warrants. The judge explains there is room for dispute on the main suspicion of embezzlement. The judge also explained there was difficulty to acknowledge a reason for detention such as potential destruction of evidence.

The arrest warrants in question would’ve allowed the suspects to be detained for more than 48 hours; however, they were not approved.

Seungri is suspected of soliciting prostitution for foreign investors, receiving prostitution, embezzling money from Burning Sun, and violating the Food Sanitation Act.

Netizens were less than pleased with the announcement, many still in disbelief of why he has not been arrested yet. Some netizens even argue that Seungri got strong connections that helped him escape the pretrial arrest.

Watch the video below:

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  1. WTF!!! He got out!!! I don’t care what nobody say he’s just as guilty as the rest and should be held accountable for his actions but when you got the hook up you can get away with just about anything!!!

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