Rookie Boy Group 14U Reportedly Disbanded Due To Favoritism Between Members


Rookie Boy Group 14U has reportedly disbanded after 13 of the 14 members terminated their contracts with their agency BGent.

It’s being reported that the members had terminated their contracts after returning to South Korea after their Japanese concerts that ran from February to April.

The rookie boy group hasn’t been active for nearly two years before disbanding and the circumstances behind their disbandment are being brought up.

According to the reports, it’s being stated the members will go their separate ways and have already left the dorm. One source explains the members feel sorry towards the fans who will be hurt by the news which is why they have not been able to speak up about it.

The reports also state that there are various reasons behind the disbandment, its being said that the members terminated their contracts because the agency was showing favoritism which led to conflict between the members due to discriminatory treatment.

However, the agency is said to be denying these claims stating the members plotted the disbandment together.

14U was supposed to perform in 2019 KCON Japan but their participation was suddenly withdrawn, the event organizers explain ‘artists’ circumstances’ as the reason behind the sudden cancellation.

14U debuted in July of 2017 and their last release was last year’s “NEWS.” After wrapping up promotional activities in South Korea they flew to Japan and met approx. 6000 fans over 20 performances.

Despite all the buzz and media attention the agency hasn’t released an official statement to address the reports yet.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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