Red Velvet Joy Shocked By Fireworks AGAIN Mid Performance, Fans Demand SM Take Action 

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It hasn’t even been that long since Red Velvet Joy ran away from the stage due to fireworks and it happened, again! 

Its summer and that means Kpop groups are busy performing at summer concerts and college festivals. Red Velvet attended 2019 Dream Concert and was startled again by fireworks. 

The girls were performing one of their hit tracks when suddenly fireworks went off on stage shocking Joy. Joy literally shakes and flinches every time it went off and at one time tried covering her face whilst dancing. She kept it professional and continued dancing while and after the fireworks stopped. 

Clips of the performances circulated among fans and they are not happy, not happy with SM Entertainment or the production of the concert for triggering Joy’s trauma when they’re well aware she’s scared of fireworks.  

Joy had even personally apologized the last time she ran off stage and explained she’d been through an experience in the past that made her scared of fireworks, she also told fans she hates how she can’t control herself or act professionally when such thing happens. 

Fans are worried about Joy and wish the agency and event organizers would take note and not use any fireworks during their performances. 

Check out the clip below: 

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What do you think of this? 

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