Police Getting Involved In Yang Hyun Suk’s Controversy, Asks MBC For Cooperation


The police are aware of Yang Hyun Suk’s controversy and have this to tell MBC and the show “Straight” which aired its episode last night which brought in allegations of prostitution mediation by Yang Hyun Suk.

On May 28, a source from Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Metropolitan/Provincial Special Detective Division, they said,

“We are trying to contact MBC in connection with the suspicion of the sex service provided by Yang Hyun Suk. It’s a question of how willing they are to cooperate with us.

It is necessary to cooperate with the broadcasting station in order to identify and investigate the witnesses.

After confirming the facts (if necessary), an investigation or an internal investigation will be conducted.”

This is the same division that has been in charge of investigating all the related cases to Burning Sun controversy.

On May 27, the program released an explosive report alleging that Yang Hyun Suk mediated prostitution for two wealthy South Asian investors. The agency denied the claims but the stock price has plummeted after the news.

Netizens are enraged and some promised to boycott YG and its artists after the news.

What do you think of this?

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  1. These are all purely allegations. They havent even finished yet Seungri’s case and they come up with another allegation. It seems the network is trying to condition the minds of the public to hate YG or YG entertainment. Somebody might be behind all of these. It is unfair to call to boycott the artist who is working under the agency. If they have strong evidence against YG then bring him to court which is the proper venue.


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