MOMOLAND Nancy has changed her Korean name.

Rumors first started that the idol changed her Korean name Lee Seungri back in March, earlier this year.

She started using the hashtag #leegooru in her group’s official Instagram posts and fans thought she had changed her name. Her name became associated with the former controversial idol Seungri who is wrapped up in many controversies and has been under investigation for a while since the Burning Sun case started.

However, according to Korean news outlet StarNews, her agency refuted the rumors that she had changed her name, her agency back then explained Lee Gooru was a nickname she often used for herself for a while now.

Contrastingly, Nancy recently revealed that she did, in fact, change her name.

On May 9 episode of Mnet’s “TMI News,” the MC asked Nancy to share TMI about herself, she said,

“I changed my Korean name to Lee Goo Ru a year ago. I heard that it means tree so I plan on growing into a big tree.”

Regardless of the actual date Nancy changed her name many of her fans are actually happy she did because the name Seungri is now associated with trouble and brings in bad reputation (according to netizens), which is why many fans are glad she changed her name.

What do you think of the name change? are you glad she changed her name?


  1. I’d think she wouldn’t want to be associated with that pos, yet here you are putting their pictures together smh. She didn’t even change her name because of it foh

    • will you read the article you just commented on? the agency said last March that she didn’t even change her name and now Nancy says she did a year ago… reading an article before commenting on it would be a good start


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