Mina Leaves AOA And FNC Entertainment, ChoA Leaves FNC Entertainment As Well


On May 13, FNC Entertainment announced the departure of Mina from their girl group AOA.

Mina has decided to not renew her contract and leave AOA. In their official statement, FNC Entertainment also confirms the rest of AOA members have re-signed with the label and will continue their activities as a group and individually.

In their statement, they also explain they decided to respect Mina’s choice as she decided to lead on a different path.

On the same day, it was also reported that the former AOA member ChoA has also left FNC Entertainment.

In 2017, FNC Entertainment announced that ChoA left AOA but not the agency. Today it was revealed that her contract expired and thus she left the agency as well. However, it is unknown when her contract expired.

When asked for a comment, the agency declined to reveal the exact date she departed because of ‘contract terms.’

AOA is a group that reached their 7th year recently; they debuted in 2012 with 8 members originally. Member Youkyung left in 2016, ChoA left in 2017 and Mina left today on May 13, 2019.

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