In case you were on twitter last night then you probably saw the hashtag #TaehyungYouArePerfect trending and it all happened because of some people who call themselves ARMY but the only stan 6 members of the group.

A series of tweets by some became viral and gained lots of backlash and criticism, in the tweets those accounts demand V aka Kim Taehyung leave BTS because he is talentless among other more ugly words used.

Some even began trending or attempting to trend #TaehyungleaveBTS and it did gain some buzz, however, to counter that, ARMY trended their own hashtags #TaehyungYouArePerfect and #Taehyungweloveyou.

While if you search twitter using #TaehyungleaveBTS you will mostly find tweets in defense of V but there are still many other accounts out there that continue to demand he be kicked out of the group for a multitude of what they call ‘factual reasons.’

In the defense hashtags that trended on Twitter, fans expressed their frustration with the unreasonable hateful remarks towards V and gave plenty of reasons why BTS are only BTS if they’re seven members. Many others went on to list all the reasons BTS wouldn’t be who they are without V, they listed some of his accomplishments among other things.

Real ARMY attempted to clarify the tweets that demanded V’s departure and clarified real fans of BTS would never want this to happen.

Here are some of these tweets:

Some are still in shock as to why some would go this far to demand one person be kicked out of his group.

What do you think of this?

My Personal Thoughts

I like to believe I am a reasonable human being and a logical one.

Thus, I don’t believe all kpop fans love each of their fav kpop group members equally, there are people who are capable of that but we as humans tend to gravitate towards certain types of people we resonate with or feel attracted to. This means that some kpop fans might like one member of their fav group just a little more than another one.

Having said this, this doesn’t warrant the amount of hate Taehyung has gotten. Listen, I get it you might not like him but you need to be a shallow pathetic human being to advocate for his departure when he literally has done nothing, NOTHING.

Also, anyone who actually likes BTS knows how much they deeply care about each other, if you for example love love Jungkook you know how much he loves V, how does it make sense for you to hurt Jungkook as his stan when you claim V should just leave?

You see where the logic disappears?

I get it, sometimes fandoms overreact but in this case, I understand why ARMY are being like this. I love that they spread positivity through #TaehyungYouArePerfect hashtag. I like it when people unite to make others feel special.

I certainly hope V didn’t see those hate tweets, I know he’s sensitive so I hope such awful messages never get to him. I know he has a great support system so I am not deeply worried, just annoyed by the amount of stupidity online.

If you don’t like something then be it, I am not going to try and change how you feel. You don’t have to advocate for his departure if he hasn’t done something that calls for it.