Kang Daniel Contract With His Agency LM Entertainment Suspended

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Kang Daniel is finally free!

On May 10, Kang Daniel’s legal representative Yulchon LLC revealed the happy news to fans; they shared an update regarding the ongoing dispute with LM Entertainment.

In their statement, they explain the court ruled in Kang Daniel’s favor accepting his request after he had filed an injunction to the Seoul District Courts. He is now able to pursue his activities independently away from LM Entertainment.

The legal representative explains the court decision,

“The court found that the joint business contract LM Entertainment signed with a third party on January 28, 2019 was a contract to transfer most of the management rights of Kang Daniel to a third party.

As Kang Daniel wasn’t informed and hadn’t given his consent, LM’s behavior was judged to be difficult to keep their contractual relationship intact, they also broke the trust which is the foundation of the contractual relationship as well.”

It was also explained that LM Entertainment has no right to interfere in his activities in the future or negotiate or sign contracts on his behalf.

However, it seems that LM Entertainment wasn’t all too happy about the verdict as they announced they plan on appealing the decision.

After the news was released, Kang Daniel took to Instagram to share a handwritten letter to fans, in his letter he thanks fans for believing in him and always being there for him, he also promises to repay fans back with great music and great performances.


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He also asks fans to wait for rookie Kang Daniel who is set to make a fresh start soon.

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