JTBC Variety Show Led By CL Ultimately Cancelled

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Back on May 6, it was reported that CL was in talks for a new variety show that will air on JTBC, the show gained buzz when it was revealed that Paris Hilton will be the first guest.

JTBC, back then, clarified they were still in talks.

Fans were very excited as it signaled CL’s return. She has been mostly inactive in South Korea since she renewed her contract with YG Entertainment after 2NE1 announced disbandment back in 2016.

On May 28, it was confirmed the show will be canceled. JTBC released an official statement confirming what many broadcasting officials statement released earlier today who stated the show will be canceled.

The reason?

Broadcasting officials said that the direction of the program changed while discussions were going on causing conflict which led to the cancellation. However, JTBC never clarified the reason themselves.

Some netizens are convinced the sudden cancellation is due to the ongoing controversy surrounding YG Entertainment founder Yang Hyun Suk.

However, what what’s more shocking. When an Instagram account reported on the show being led by CL way before the cancelation was reported, CL herself commented with a question, ‘I am?’ which confused fans because they had thoughts she knew about starring in an upcoming show titled with her name.

What do you think of this?

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