Jooyeon Stirs Up Dating Rumors With BIGBANG Gdragon Again, Agencies Respond

Former After School member Jooyeon has yet again stirred up rumors about her relationship with BIGBANG Gdragon.

She posted a video of them and deleted it soon after creating buzz yet again about what kind of relationship she has with Gdragon. 

Some netizens believe she is bragging as this is not the first time this happened, others think this was an accident on her part and she probably meant to upload it to a private account.  

As the story gained buzz, the agency said they would check with her, they later returned with a statement refusing to confirm saying its a matter of her private life. It’s difficult to confirm.’ 

YG Entertainment stayed silent for a bit longer but eventually broke their silence with a simple statement, they stated that they have no official statement to relay to the press. 

The two have been caught in dating rumors four times already but their agencies refuted the relationship. Dispatch even shared photos of their dates back in 2018

What do you think of this?  

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5 thoughts on “Jooyeon Stirs Up Dating Rumors With BIGBANG Gdragon Again, Agencies Respond”

  1. G dragon always say that he is willing to go public if the girl he’s dating wanted to go public. And I’m pretty sure this girl wanted to brag if ever they are dating, so what’s stopping g dragon? Or maybe they are not really dating and this girl just wanted to stir some controversies


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