BTS Personally Confirm Performance On NBC “The Voice” Finale


UPDATE: After much buzz and anticipation, its finally been confirmed, BTS are set to perform at the finale of NBC “The Voice” which will air on May 21st.

The special announcement was posted to NBC “The Voice” official twitter account, check it out below:

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: NBC “The Voice” twitter official account uploaded a video of BTS and the Jonas Brothers and in the tweet caption, they promised ‘a special announcement’ that never happened.

When fans tuned in last night to see “The Voice” they noticed that BTS didn’t appear and the tweet was later deleted by “The Voice” and replaced with another tweet that ONLY featured the Jonas Brothers.

BTS had previously teased their appearance on the show by snapping a photo with the judge John Legend so fans had been anticipating something special.

After the program failed to follow through ARMY were pissed, they took to Twitter to express their anger against NBC and “The Voice,” many fans went on to accuse the show of trying to use BTS for clout and asked for an explanation.

NBC stayed silent and didn’t even comment on the subject or address it which made ARMY even more furious, the fandom demanded an answer for what exactly happened and why BTS were excluded.

The show then later announced that Taylor Swift and the Jonas Brothers will perform at the finale leaving fans to believe there is no room for BTS which further angered them.

Here is how ARMY reacted to these tweets:

However, it seems that a possible BTS appearance might be happening after all.

On May 15, a source from Big Hit Entertainment reportedly told news outlet TV Daily that it is true, BTS are appearing on “The Voice,” however, the source states the show itself will announce when will that happen.

What do you think of this? What do you think will happen?


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