Another Instagram post by HyunA has garnered negative feedback from some netizens.

On May 11, HyunA posted a video chewing bubble gum then blowing a bubble that ended up exploding in her face. She laughs it off.

Many fans found her super cute and left many sweet comments on her Instagram; many were also reminded by her hit track “Bubble Pop.”

However, not everyone seems to find this post harmless, many netizens had some nasty comments to write on articles that covered this story.

Some of the top voted comments were,

“Why is she like that?”

“She late trying to copy what foreign women do as sexy concepts… and she just ends up looking rather cheap.”

“Whats sexy? this looks gross”


“cheap, cheap.”

“Whats her intention with this?”

“This is a bit of an overkill, this is not it.”

“why is she doing this?”

“Its really gross… I don’t like it one bit.”

HyunA has been under the spotlight since leaving Cube Entertainment. She has been criticized by netizens on many occasions as well, this is added to another occasion of ridiculous reasons to criticize HyunA.

On the other hand, HyunA and her boyfriend Hyojong have recently celebrated their 3rd year anniversary. They have signed to P-Nation back in early 2019. Fans can’t wait to hear new music from her.

Here is the video in question:


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What do you think of the video? do you agree with their comments?