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Goo Hara Alarming Social Media Posts Saved Her Life 


The world of Kpop is in shock after learning that former KARA member Goo Hara had attempted suicide but her manager had found her and called for help. 

However, as strange as it may seem, many fans have actually been quite worried about Goo Hara since May 25th after the series of alarming posts she uploaded to her personal Instagram that have been deleted since then. 

In the Instagram story feature she shared many posts about people harsh comments, ignorance, two-faced people and more, she also talked about life. 

In one post she shared, 

“Acting as if I am not tired when I am 

Acting as if I am not in pain when I am 

After living years with suppression 

I may look fine on the outside, but I feel as if I am starting to break into pieces on the inside. 

-Kim Tokki 

In another one she touched on what fans assume to be hate comments, she posted, 

“One phrase or word can revive or kill a person. If you knew the weight, you would be more careful saying them out loud.” 

Another post read, 

Live your life, love your life.”

In an Instagram post, she shared, 


Warning: discussion about suicide.  

The last post she shared could be translated as hello or goodbye depending on the context, fans interpreted she said ‘goodbye’ considering the tone of her other posts.  

Fans began were deeply worried and sent many good messages her way encouraging her to keep fighting and to stay positive. Many were hoping someone was by her side and that she was okay, some feared the worst.  

These alarming posts actually caused her manager to notice something was off and it saved her life.  According to media reports, he tried to call her a couple of times after seeing those posts but she didn’t answer. Therefore, he showed up at her house and saw the smoke, he called for help and she was transferred to a hospital. 

It is said that she is currently okay, her vitals are stable but she is still unconscious.  

If you need help and would like to talk to someone, please don’t hesitate to seek help. Please call your local emergency number. 


  1. I want to cry. It must be so hard for her. It’s unreal. I wish I could hug her and say it’ll be fine, those people won’t be able to hurt you out of fear. Defamation laws, where are you?


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