FTISLAND Lee Hongki’s Savage Response To Someone Who Mentioned Choi Jong Joon

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FTISLAND Lee Hongki is known for being one of the most savage outspoken idols who aren’t afraid of giving you a piece of their mind. He is honest and straightforward with his fans and haters alike.

Its been a while since the former leader Choi Jong Joon left FTISLAND and FNC Entertainment. He is now at a pre-trial detention center awaiting trial for the charges brought against him.

Back when the news broke out it seemed that Lee Hongki was just as shocked and disappointed as the rest of fans when they found the level of Choi Jong Joon’s involvement in Jung Joon Young illegal sex cam plus other crimes.


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Back to home…i’ll miss you..🤪

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Lee Hongki recently posted a picture in Hawaii but one particular person left this sour comment,

“Hongki is having fun with his stylist in Hawaii. Choi Jong Hoon is in jail. Are you ok? do you sleep well at night?”

The commenter Instagram is majorly in Japanese and it seems that the commenter translated this from Japanese to Korean. Lee Hongki saw that comment and snapped back,

“I eat well, sleep well, and poop well too.”



It is unknown if the commenter meant to be this insensitive and this rude since its most likely a translated comment from one language to another but fans weren’t happy with the comment but loved how Lee Hongki clapped back.

In the meantime, FTISLAND will presume their domestic activities with an upcoming concert in Seoul in June 2019; it will be their first as four members in South Korea since the incident.

What did you think of Lee Hongki’s response?

My Personal Thoughts

I am an FTISLAND fan and I listen to their music. I used to like Choi Jong Joon and I liked his calm demeanor. He didn’t really attract attention to himself and seemed ok.

When I found out I almost threw up in my mouth. It was shocking and disgusting. I felt so sorry for the victims and mad that this trash did all of this. The mere fact that he was in the chatroom and knew those girls were filmed without their consent was enough for me to cancel him but man the other shit he’s done. I can’t even.

I felt so sorry for FTISLAND too who appeared to be oblivious to all of this. Lee Hongki might not be everyone’s cup of tea but he is honest and straightforward. When he says something he means it and when he replied to a fan telling them he gave up on Jong Hoon I could sense he was upset and baffled. I highly doubt he would have let it slide or stay put if he knew what Jong Hoon was up to exactly.

I hope that FTISLAND can carry on as four. Karma is a bitch and it’ll slap back that trash, I don’t worry about that.

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