Former JYP Trainee Yoon Seo Bin was wrapped up in bully, smoking and underage drinking rumors. Since the rumors spread his former agency, JYP Entertainment, announced they had terminated their contract with him, he also dropped out of Mnet’s “Produce X 101.”

Korean news outlet Ilgan Sports sat down for an interview with Yoon Seo Bin to hear his side of the story. He repeated the word “I am sorry.”

About the rumors of him drinking and smoking as a minor, he says,

“It’s true that I played around when I was in school. I am still deeply reflecting on that. I’m sorry to both JYP Entertainment and the production crew of ‘Produce X 101’ for what has happened.”

There have been rumors circulating around that claimed he changed his name from Yoon Byung Hwee to Yoon Seo Bin and dropped out of school to clear his past he says:

“It’s not like I’ve changed my name and dropped out to do it.

My name has been difficult to pronounce, and my parents went frequently to fortune teller readers who told them my name was no good.

I signed as a trainee to a different agency in my second year of high school and had to drop because it was difficult to back and forth between Gwangju and Seoul.”

Regarding the school bully rumors he says:

“I apologize. Regardless of the reason, I apologize and its wrong to have caused this situation, so I apologize.”

When asked if he was contacted by the victims for an apology he says they haven’t, he repeated ‘I apologize.’

He concluded by apologizing once again for causing the controversy despite being a trainee, he says he’s unable to go out or meet people because the public doesn’t view him positively, he says,

“I cannot get myself to do anything at this point; I am just sorry for everyone.”

What do you think of this?

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My Personal Thoughts

I like that they interviewed him that’s good. We get to hear his side of the story, he didn’t deny anything said about him, the smoking, the drinking and the bullying.

I don’t think it’s easy to just terminate a promising trainee contract, JYP probably made sure they were making the right decision before announcing it to the world, it also took them some time and they didn’t just announce it on a whim.

He needs to contact those he bullied and apologize to them, we don’t want or need an apology, we were not hurt. The poor middle and high school students were.

I hope this serves as a learning experience for him and I hope it changes him to the better. I wish him the best of luck, but judging from being a kpop fan and watching over this industry for a long time, I think its gonna be difficult for him to ever debut as an idol.

I hope he realizes this and tries to find a different path.