Former FTISLAND Member Choi Jong Hoon Arrested


Om May 9 night, Judge Song Kyung Ho and Myung Jae Kwon issued a pretrial detention arrest warrants for FTISLAND Member Choi Jong Hoon and fellow chatroom member Kwon (who is a brother of a popular girl group member). They’re suspected of violating the Act of the Punishment, etc. of Sexual Crimes (aggravated rape).

Note: Aggravated rape is a term that’s used to refer to rape that involves two or more perpetrators.

The judges explain the approval; they fear there would be destruction of evidence and thus approved the arrest warrant.

This based on the suspicions raised after they were accused of sexually assaulting a woman with peers (including Jung Joon Young) back in 2016 which relates to hidden footage taken back in a hotel in 2016.

It was reported that Choi Jong Hoon denied the suspicions when questioned by police.

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