[BREAKING] EXO D.O. Confirms His Military Enlistment Date Shocking EXO-Ls


EXO-Ls are waking up to some very upsetting news!

Its been confirmed that EXO D.O. Is enlisting soon.

On May 30, various news outlets reported that EXO D.O. was set to enlist voluntarily in July. It is said that he had come to the decision after discussing with his members and SM Entertainment.

What made the announcement shocking was that EXO D.O. still had until 2021 to enlist according to Korean military laws. He is born in 1993 and can delay his enlistment up to 5 times until he’s 28 years old (international age).

After the news broke out, SM Entertainment returned with a statement confirming that he will be enlisting on July 1st as an active duty soldier. He will enlist quietly, and to respect his wishes the agency said they won’t be disclosing the time or the location of his enlistment.

EXO D.O. is the second member to enlist in the military following Xiumin who enlisted on May 7. EXO D.O. will be discharged some time in 2021.

How do you feel about this?

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  1. I do not blame him for enlisting early. He problemly wants to get it over with, so that he does not have to serve later on. I feel that all of them should all go in at the same time so they can all come out together. They will not have to worry about it later.


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