Donald Trump Jr. and BTS’s ARMY, two words that I thought would never be written in the same sentence but it happened!

As many ARMY were already aware, BTS were set to perform at an outdoor concert in Central Park in New York City. ARMY were over the moon excited to see the boys and many decided to camp outside to get a closer glimpse of the boys, many camped out for days on end and it was covered by many American news stations.

ARMY weren’t allowed to bring any of their items inside and thus they had to leave their tents and many belongings outside in the same line they camped out in due to the restrictions.

Once the concert was over, one particular twitter account praised fellow ARMY who stayed behind to clean the place where everybody was camping out, other ARMY from around the world praised them for their actions.

However, one particular person took issue with this and that is Donald Trump Jr. who apparently found an issue in ‘littering’ in New York City, he shared a video of the same street where ARMY camped out and criticized New York mayor for the rubbish calling it ‘clown show.’

FYI the Mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio is running for president against Donald Trump Jr. father who is currently the president of the United States.

ARMY saw the tweet and fired back in the most hilarious ways possible, some simply explained what had happened to Donald Trump Jr. and attached the tweet of the street view after the trash was cleaned, others had more savage responses to shoot back at him, here are some of their tweets:

What do you think of this?


  1. Well, it looks like Trump Jr is takinptg after his dad. Namely, open mouth and insert both feet and an arm if it would fit. I sure don’t see DTJ helping out and picking up some of this stuff. But I guess this is what we’ve come to accept with the Trump family. Sad indeed.

  2. Nice job, ARMY!! Both for cleaning up after the concert, and for keeping it polite and classy in your responses to a ridiculous, uninformed tweet. Totally purpling all of you right now! ‍♀️


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