BTS Wins Top Social Artist At The BBMAs For The Third Year In A Row


The red-carpet event for the 2019 Billboard Music Awards is officially underway.

A couple of hours ago, the voting for the Top Social Artist ended, Billboard Music Awards official account revealed the winner of the award will be announced on the red carpet.

BTS were up against GOT7, EXO, Ariana Grande, and Louis Tomlinson.

BTs had arrived at the red carpet not too long ago, they were greeted by reporters, during their portion of the red carpet interview with Billboard Music Awards, it was announced that they had won Top Social Artist again making it their 3rd time to do.

RM said,

“This means so much for us, we’ll do our best today.”

BTS has become the first Korean act to ever win three Top Social Artist awards at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards and the only Korean artist to win more than one Billboard Music Award, they’re also up for another award ‘Best Duo/Group’ that is yet to be announced.

Congrats to BTS!


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