BLACKPINK Lisa Left Out of Storefront Display, BLINKs Furious  


BLINKs are furious with contact lens brand OLENS for leaving out Lisa of their storefront windows posters in Hong Kong store.  

One fan uploaded pictures of their storefront of OLENS Hong Kong shop and it went viral among the fandom. The girls have been the models of the contact lens company since summer 2018 and some fans argue this isn’t the first time they left out or allegedly disrespected Lisa.  

The tweet containing the storefront pictures of all the members besides Lisa gained lots of attraction and lots of criticism so much so fans began trending the hashtag #NoLisaNoMoney, many fans criticized the company for leaving out Lisa even if there was no place for her at the front as they could have covered the door with her poster. 

Since the outrage, the contact lens company apologized to fans labeling this a simple mistake and promising to fix this soon. However, some BLINKs are still not happy with the apology or what they allege mistreatment of Lisa. 

Here are some of their tweets: 

What do you think of this issue?   


  1. sorry not sorry, she isn’t pretty and mainly attracts south east asians. She is the least popular visual wise worldwide except for some parts of asia


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