Black Box Footage Raises Suspicion Regarding Former Idol (28 Years Old) Tragic Expressway Accident


It was previously reported that idol-turned-actress Han Ji Seong passed away due to a tragic accident on the Incheon International Airport Expressway on May 6 at approximately 3:50 am KST.

She was hit by a taxi and then by an SUV and died at the scene.

She had her car parked in the second lane in a three-lane expressway. Her husband previously told police that he had to use the restroom and she parked in the middle of the road because he had to go do his business. The husband claims he doesn’t know why his wife got out of the car.

The police have been investigating the black box of the car but they lack sufficient understanding because it has no audio.

YTN exclusively obtained black box footage of a car that was driving during the time of the accident.

The footage shows that she was out of the car before her husband managed to cross the expressway and the accident occurred about 10 seconds after he had reached the guard rail. Based on the footage, its highly unlikely the husband didn’t find out about the accident until he got back to the car which raises suspicion about her untimely unfortunate death.

The husband claims he doesn’t know why his wife also parked in the middle of the expressway. He also states he had drinks that night but doesn’t know if his wife did too.

Police are currently looking into the black box footage of Han’s car and as previously reported an autopsy will be conducted as well.

Han Ji Seong had only gotten married in March of this year. Her funeral procession is taking place on May 10

Stay tuned for updates!

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