After a period of silence, Big Hit Entertainment has finally come out with an official statement to the controversy surrounding Girls Generation’ Tiffany and TXT fandom names.

Previously, the agency revealed TXT’s official fandom name, many fans pointed out that “Young One” was a fandom name that’s already taken by Girls Generation’ Tiffany who had announced it back in September of 2018.

On May 6, Big Hit Entertainment announced to TXT’s official website their plans to revise the fandom name, in their official statement they apologized,

“We did not fully review the similarities with other fandom and fan club names. We apologize to the many fans who have been waiting to reveal the name of the official fan club of TOMORROW X TOGETHER, and those who might have felt uncomfortable about this.”

In their official statement they explain the fandom name will be re-selected with the help of the fandom itself, TXT fans have until May 12 to submit their own suggestions and the agency will pick a new name carefully and accordingly.

Here is where you can find details about how to submit for a new fandom name for TXT.

Tiffany fans are pleased with Big Hit’s response and are happy that the rookie group is withdrawing the previous fandom name out of respect for the senior artist.

How do you feel about this? Are you happy about the news?

My Personal Thoughts

That’s a very wise choice from big hit side with all honesty.

It did take them a while to respond but it was worth the wait because these are the results we ended up with.

I expected them to do that since I know that big hit doesn’t like stirring issues and plays it safe most of the time. It’s a wise choice to pick a different fandom name since it already means something to other fans of another artist even if legality wise it wouldn’t have caused an issue, it’s still considered controversial because it’s a name another artist has already picked.

I can’t wait to find out the name of TXT fandom, I hope fans submit even cuter names.



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